Cellcosmet CellCollagen Face and Neck Treatment
Cellcosmet CellCollagen Face and Neck Treatment

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Product Code: CELL-726

Cellcosmet CellCollagen CellFace and Neck Treatment

Reshaping, Plumping and Smoothing Cellular Sheet Masks for the Face and Neck

Ultra-pure collagen masks enriched with a revitalizing cellular serum (15%) for instant radiance.

Luxury gift box containing 4 ready to use maks and 4 vials of cellular, hydra-firming Ultra Intensive Elasto-Collagen XT skin care treatment. Treatment composed of cellular and phyto complexes.

This treatments are results driven and clinically proven that deliver advanced liposome-encapsulated amino-peptide complexes to plump cells from the inside to firm, lift, sculpt and define youth contours and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The CellCollagen Face and Neck Treatment is a youth revealing mask, expertly formulated with a 75% high performance active ingredients and super charged with 15% active stabilized bio integral cells that restores density, hydration, energy and youthful contours.

Intensively revitalizes
Redefines facial contours
Maintains skin firmness
Delivers intense and immediate hydration
Relaxes and visibly smooths expression lines
Prevents the skin's transepidermal water loss
Evens out skin texture
Calming effect on the skin
Reveals a radiant complexion
An exceptional youth-revealing mask that respects the skin's identity
Clinically proven efficacy
Hormones, silicon, dyestuff and alcohol free

Apply the mask after using half a vial of Ultra Intensive Elasto-Collagen XT
From age 30, as an occasional treatment, in line with the skin's needs
From age 40, use once a week for a month, then twice a month minimum

For women looking for an instantly effective anti-fatique and anti-aging treatment
For all skin types including sensitive skin