Cellcosmet Precious Mask
Cellcosmet Precious Mask

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Product Code: CELL-480

Cellcosmet Precious Mask
This cosmeceutical care mask instantly brings back radiance and freshness to the complexion and over a series of application.

RECOMMENDED:- To all women, of all ages and all skin types

1.Clarifying, harmonising and regenerating:

-Gently eliminates skin impurities

-Reduce the size of the pores

-Clarifies and harmonizes a lackluster, dull complexion

-Promotes skin regeneration

2. Renewing and revealing the complexion:

- Activates the microcirculation of the skin

- Smoothes the skin surface to allow a betterlight reflection

- Erases fatigue marks

- Radiance immediately visible

3. Soothing, calming, anti-dehydrating*:

- Immediately soothes reactive and sensitised skin

- Maintains natural skin hydration* at optimum levels

- Prevents exessive skin perspiration which causes dehydration*

4. Anti-oxidant:

- Neutralises the effects of free radicals :

LONG-TERM ACTION5. Densifying, plumping, anti-ageing:

- Redefines the facial features

- Gives the facial skin tissues back their attractive volume

- Reduces the signs of skin ageing

RESULTS:- A harmonious, fresh, visibly radiant complexion

- Refined skin texture

- Smooth skin

- Re-defined facial features

- Re-densified tissues