Cellmen Revitalizing Cellular Cure - Ultracell Intensive
Cellmen Revitalizing Cellular Cure - Ultracell Intensive

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Cellmen Revitalize Cellular Cure - Ultracell Intensive

Intensive Revitalising Cellular Cure
Devitalised and/or stressed skin
Cyto-Cosmeceuticalwith active stabilised bio-integral cellsIntensive revitalising cure
- 12 consecutive daysHypoallergenic, dermatologically tested
Luxuous case of 12 phials x 1ml/g. Net wt. 12 x 0.03 fl. oz.
Unique Cellular Concentrate for an Intensive Energetic Skin Boost Exclusively designed for men's skin
RECOMMENDED:- To men from age 30, as an occasional intensive treatment- To all skin types, except sensitive skin FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY
MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:-Extremely high dosed with active stabilised bio-integral cells
1- Intensively revitalising
2- Reenergising
3- Restructuring, repairing
4- Protecting, anti-free radicals
5- Detoxifying, radiance revealing
The epidermis is given a veritable lift
-Thoroughly revitalised skin
-Skin defences are optimised
- Firmer skin
- Wrinkles and expression lines smoothed
- Preventive anti-age effect
- Tightened pores, finer skin texture
- A more radiant complexion
- healthy-looking effect
- Results particularly spectacular on smokers
TEXTURE: Liquid serum
4 to 5 times a year as an occasional intensive treatment
Treatment duration: 12 consecutive days - 1 application every evening
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