Valmont D. Solution Booster
Valmont D. Solution Booster

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Product Code: VALMONT-752

Valmont D. Solution Booster - Slimness activating concentrate 100 ml pump bottle- New!
Thanks to its groundbreaking combination of state-of-theart ingredients (caffeine, forskolin, destocking complex, draining complex, etc.) in high concentrations, D. SOLUTION BOOSTER works in synergy against the phenomena responsible for bulging and cellulite. When applied, the skin becomes intensely fresh and gives the impression that the body is immediately toned.
Highly concentrated serum
Combines four actions for overall treatment of cellulite and curves - (Fat-buring, Draining, Anti-storage, Reversion)
Perfect for all types of cellulite
Ultra-fluid texture and lightning-fast absorption
Incredible fresh sensation
Direction: In the morning and at night, apply up to ten pumps of the product to clean, dry skin on all areas that require treatment.