Valmont Dermo Dermatosic
Valmont Dermo Dermatosic

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Product Code: VALMONT-378

Valmont Dermo Dermotosic 15 ml

This treatment solution is the emergency and serenity treatment for sensitive skins, an indispensable cosmetic touch after prescribed dermatological treatment.
When sensitive skins require intense treatment, DERMATOSIC brings a solution to local affections such as flaking, rashes, inflammation, itching.

Rich in Swiss Therapeutic Water and DERMATOSIC COMPLEX, it is applied locally on minor skin affections to: reduce red blotches and soothe irritations, appease the sensations of discomfort and tautness, eliminate flaking, the skin feeling softer and more serene.

How to use : Apply DERMATOSIC locally on small skin affections.