Guinot Age Logic Serum
Guinot Age Logic Serum

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Guinot Age Logic Serum 0.74 fl oz. 25ml

Night time repair for daytime beauty. A revolutionary formula that repairs at night and beautifies throughout the day.

This serum stimulates the metabolic energy of skin cells during 24 hours.

Nighttime repair

Cellular Life Complex with 56 active ingredients (20 amino acids, 14 vitamins, including Vitamin C for regenerating and lightening and Vitamin E for anti-free radicals and antioxidant, 15 biological activators and 7 other activators of cellular vitality - including trace elements and mineral salts - used to create skin culture environments).

The serum is enriched in ATP (stores essential energy and delivers it for vital cellular functions), a biological molecule charged with energy: " to awaken the youth potential of cells that have become lethargic over time."

...daytime beauty

The stimulation of cellular renewal and the synthesis of elastic fibers and collagen create an epidermis that is visibly younger, with improved skin firmness.

Day after day, skin appears younger, firmer and smoother.

Include high concentration of active ingredients with encapsulated ATP and Actinergie (increases cellular oxygenation and stimulates cellular metabolism) to wake up cells that have become lethargic over time.

Cellular Life Medium: Helps stimulate cell regeneration.

Apply every evening on face and neck after complete makeup removal. Use preferably for a 30 day treatment, since this is the time it takes the skin to be renewed.

Use this serum along with Age Logic Cellulaire for its complementary daytime action helps deprogram the logic of cellular aging.

Also use the serum along with Age Logic Yeux for its complementary action on eye contour and eyelids.