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The new AWF5 products
replaced Factor I, II, III products

The ultimate expression of anti-aging solution

Two targeted collections
to fight the most visible signs of aging
with absolute precision

V-Line Lifting to combat wrinkles & lines
V-Shape Filling to address loss of volume

The new Anti-wrinkle and firmness concept offers effectives to the 5th power
thanks to an exclusive complex of 5 ingredients

Improve from 9 to 16.5% active ingredients

The AWF5 complex focus on
5 key aspects of the skin


The AWF5 complex gathers
5 precious ingredients

Vitamin C Oxidant
Densi-derm for regeneration
Gag booster for skin plumper
Peptide Cocktail Wrinkle Repairer
Fibro-boost for elasticity and firmness

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