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The Purify line removes makeup and gently cleanses by promoting harmony of the skin flora. As a result, the skin is clean without being stripped and purified without being dry.

Balance the skin's microbiome - a collection of micro-organisms working like a protecting barrier for the skin

Balance the skin's acid mantle (natural oils)

Macro -cleansing to remove the visible (Bi-Falls, Icy Falls, Wonder Falls, Fluid Falls, Aqua Falls)

Bubble Falls - Micro- cleansing to remove the invisible

Bi-Falls - Macro-cleansing with bi-phase makeup remover for eyes

Icy Falls - Macro-cleansing with refreshing makeup removing Jelly

Fluid Falls - Macro cleansing with creamy fluid makeup remover

Aqua Falls - Macro cleansing instant makeup removing water

Face Exfoliant - Revitalizing exfoliating cream

Vital Falls - Balance the pH- Invigorating and softening toner

Purifying Pack - Skin purifying mud mask

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Valmont Bi-Falls Valmont Bi-Falls
Our Price: $75.00
Valmont Fluid Falls Valmont Fluid Falls
Our Price: $110.00
Valmont Aqua Falls Valmont Aqua Falls
Our Price: $110.00
Valmont Bubble Falls Valmont Bubble Falls
Our Price: $80.00
Valmont Face Exfoliant Valmont Face Exfoliant
Our Price: $110.00
Valmont Vital Falls Valmont Vital Falls
Our Price: $110.00
Valmont Purifying Pack Valmont Purifying Pack
Our Price: $180.00