Guinot Creme Age Summum
Guinot Creme Age Summum

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Guinot Creme Age Summum 1.6 oz

Premier anti-aging skin immunity cream

As we age, the face begin to show signs of aging. The immune system slows down. Cell activity and renewal slow down.

Creme Age Summum restores the skin's immunity against the effects of aging and restores the cellular activity of more youthful skin.

The creme's immune complex protects the langerhand cells which defend the integrity of the dermal matrix, protect the collagen and elastin and ensure good cell cohesion.

After 6 days of application, Creme Age Summum increased the protection of Langerhans cells by 74%, suggesting an improvement in cell immunity.

Key Ingredients:

ATP - Actinergie - Boosts cell metabolism by storing and delivering energy essential to the vital functions of cells.

Cellular Lift Complex - Stimulates cell renewal by providing elements essential to cell growth and longevity.

Vitamin C - Fights against free radicals and helps prevent dark spots from appearing.


Wrinkles are smoother by 45.2%

Skin is firmer by 64.5%

Dark spots are reduced

Skin is radiant