Valmont Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment
Valmont Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment

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Product Code: VALMONT-764A

Valmont Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment

6 duos revitalizing concentrate and 6 regenerating solid matter
2 duos per week as a week treatment for 3 weeks at the change of season

Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Cure
An intensive treatment to fight hair loss and stimulate growth

Makes the hair denser and stimulates growth of thicker, healthier hair

Emergency treatment to slow down hair loss and re-launch the growth of healthy hair
- Ensures the growth of thicker and healthier hair
- Gives density and shine to the hair
- 3 weeks treatment
- Action on the hair follicle, the living part of the hair for a long lasting result
- Dedicated to the youth of hair and scalp

Anti-aging, anti-hair loss action for long lasting results
Nutritive shining actions for immediate results

Whether hair loss is due to aging or hormonal disruptions, malnutrition or outside aggression, Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment stimulates growth of new and healthy hair while sharply reducing hair loss. With Valmont Hair Treatment, be Youthful to the Tips of Your Hair!

Formulated with the core Valmont anti-aging active ingredients: triple DNA, RNA and glacier spring water combined with specific hair and scalp anti-aging ingredients: anti-glycation complex and Keratin

Active ingredients:
Triple DNA: helps maintain and stimulate the skin's vital functions. Stimulate growth and reduces hair loss.
Lipsomed RNA: Repairs and boost the scalp.
Glacial spring water: boosts cell metabolism
Keratin: repairs and smoothes the hair fiber. Bring resistance, shine and softness to hair
Anchoring peptide: reinforces the anchoring of the hair follicle to the scalp. Prolongs the anagen phase and delays hair loss.


Insert Revitalizing Concentrate and shake until the Regenerating Solid Matter dissolves completely. Squeez the soft bottomed bottle and turn upside down. A vacuum effect will fill the squeeze bottle with the mixture. Apply the mixture three drops per hair section. Rub in to the roots by massaging the scalp and style without rinsing.