Valmont I' Elixir Des Glaciers Creme Merveilleuse
Valmont I' Elixir Des Glaciers Creme Merveilleuse

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Valmont I' Elixir Des Glaciers Creme Merveilleuse 1.7 oz 50 ml

The Ultimate Regenerative Cream with anti-aging action along with a regenerative radiance.

This luscious cream reveals an unprecedented sublime complexion. Its regenerative capabilities use sturgeon DNA and marine minerals to seal youth into the heart of the skin.

Fine, sensual and generous, this cream enhances the skin's texture and boosts its radiance with the quickest results.

The blend of anti-aging sturgeon DNA and 3 minerals unveils unedited glow, smooths, plumps and unifies the skin's texture

Once regenerated, the skin glows with a natural light.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly those lacking radiance.

This incredible I'Elixir des Glaciers cream uses sturgeon DNA and a cocktail of illuminating minerals for the best in anti-aging technology, exclusive to Valmont.

Active ingredient:
Sturgeon DNA - A marvel of anti-aging efficacy
Marvellous Mineral Complex - Skin metabolism booster
Magnesium - Anti-fatique and anti-stress
Manganese - Metabolic booster
Selenisum - Anioxidant

Sturgeon DNA + Mineral Complex = Regenerates and brings glow to the skin

Transform the skin with the wonders of the aquatic world.