Valmont Time Master Intensive Program
Valmont Time Master Intensive Program

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Discover Valmont's intensive treatment - The Time Master Intensive Program

Comprises high concentration of leading active ingredients (DNA liposome, RNA liposome, Elastin Reviver, Cocktail of hyaluronic acid and peptides cocktail), Time Master Intensive Program perfects skin by treating the four aggravating factors to combat aging: hydration, energy, skin glow, wrinkles and firmness. In 28 days, this polyactive treatment regulates the mechanics of skin cells and reverses the course of time. The skin appears soft, regenerated and sparkling. The face glows with renewed youth and reflects fullness and vitality.
In summary:
  • 28 days of highly concentrated intensive treatment
  • Penetrates in a fraction of a second
  • The ideal treatment to correct tired skin
  • Recommended at least twice per year
  • Lifting and Moisturizing effect
  • Deep absorpton and hydration
  • Stimulates cell metabolism and renewal
  • Boosts the action of the DNA
  • Skin's texture is more uniform, dark areas are reduced, skin is plumped
  • Reduces wrinkles and induces collagen synthesis
  • Leaves the skin immediately smoothed and soft
  • Nano emulsion technology (optimizes absorption and delivery of active ingredients)
One box contains 14 vials of airless pump (1 vial for 2 days). For 28 consecutive day usage.
How to Use:
Mornings and evenings: apply 5 pump pressures on the face and neck. Spread the product on both hands and apply from the center of the face outward with ascending and smoothing motions. Continue to apply with ascending motions on the neck and decollete. After complete penetration of the product, then apply the Valmont cream. To use as a 28 day treatment and repeat every 3 to 6 months.