Valmont V-Firm Cream
Valmont V-Firm Cream

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Valmont V-Firm Cream 50 ml 1.7 oz


86% of women reported improvement to face contour tone and appearance.

Densifying face cream - Improve dermal density, Increase elasticity, Sharpen face contours.

Target 40+ Voluptuous cream texture

An enveloping cocoon to strengthen dermal density and face contour definition. A reservoir of bio-compatible ingredients to reinforce the skin's natural barrier for a firmer, sharper face contour.

Time for the voluptuousness and comfort of a texture that makes one with the skin to infuse its restorative benefits.


Form 28 days, the face reveals a younger appearance with sharper contours thanks to regained elasticity

A reservoir of densifying biocompatible ingredients. This lusciously comfortable cream fosters dermal density and epidermal harmony. The skin’s natural barrier and elasticity are reinforced for a firmer, sharper face contour.

Suitable for all generations and skin types. Especially recommended for mature and dry skin.


Peptide Cocktail

Matrikine peptides, like mini “messengers” interact with specific receivers to regulate skin cell activities that decline over time, encouraging collagen production for increased elasticity and tone.

Density Complex

Vitamin C, lysine and proline amino acids to promote collagen production, moisturizing glucosamine derivative, extract of Immortelle flower to optimize dermis cohesion, and copper to boost collagen and elastin synthesis for denser, bouncier skin.

Vegetal squalane

Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, moisturizes and protects against oxidation.

Triple DNA

Valmont’s signature molecule applies exceptional anti-aging properties to maximize skin vitality through the stimulation of cell functionality (hydration, restoration, renewal and metabolism).

RNA Liposome

Entrapping RNA and urea in a phospholipid membrane, this specific liposome energizes and encourages skin cell harmony.


Mornings and/or evenings, apply to the face and neck after using V-FIRM Serum and V-Firm Eye.