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Vitry Face Care is an anti-aging line developed and manufactured in Switzerland.
This line combines the renown performance of three powerful antioxidant compounds (resveratrol, pomegranate apple and rice) and Vitry's exclusive longevity complex that stimulate sirtuins synthesis. The Vitry products contain high performance formula enriched with coenzyme Q10 that acts inside to boost cells and thus fights the signs of aging.

The biological aging process is genetic and starts at 25 years old and is also affected by external factors such as stress, UV, pollution and alcohol. The premature aging of skin cells is due to the drop of sirturns. Sirtuins are molecules that are present in our skin and are so essential that they are called the genes of longevity. If the skin is stressed and affected by external factors, the level of sirtuins would drop. Vitry Face Care stimulates these sirtuins to slow down the drop in the level of sirtuins and a prolongation of the skin cells which helps preserve the youthfulness of your skin. You may have heard of these famous longevity genes that are all the rage in beauty now.

Vitry Face Care products*

No Paraben
No Animal Ingredients
No Mineral Oils
No Coloring Agents