Valmont Prime 24 Hour
Valmont Prime 24 Hour

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Valmont Prime 24 Hour 1.7 oz.

Premier anti-age conditionneur cellulaire

All skin types

For women looking for a first day and night anti-aging skin care.

Valmont Prime 24 Hour is a fine global anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream. It brings to the skin all the essential elements to efficiently fight against cutaneous aging. Thus, Prime 24 Hour guarantees a perfect hydration, a good cellular renewal as well as an optimal dermal firmness.

It easily penetrates the skin, softens it and leaves and intangible and smooth protective veil which creates a perfect foundation for makeup.


Helps preserves the skin's vital functions.

Promotes cell renewal.

Strengthen skin's natural protection by forming a line, invisible surface film.

Directions for use:

Mornings and evenings. Apply over the whole face and neck areas.

Valmont Prime 24 Hour should be applied morning and night after Prime B-Cellular. Prime 24 Hour can be applied at night for a global anti-aging action.

Active ingredients:

Tripe DNA: helps maintain and stimulate the skin's vital function

RNA in liposomes: powerful celluar bio-activator. Provide the skin with essential fatty acids to compensate for the metabolism of fats which becomes deficient over time.

Peptides + Cocktail: Peptides from synthesis origin: offer an anti-wrinkle action similar to retinoic acid (Vitamin A Acid). Plant extracts: microcirculation activating extracts. They potentialize the activity of the peptides.